Website creation for NSG


Date : 2014
Presentation website


The existing website has become obsolete with regard to the standards and the current web practices and development of its business. That’s why Nature Genetics source wishes to modernize its digital presence with a new tool to better meet the needs of Internet users and at the same time to redifine its values (Uniqueness, Pragmatic, Social).

The target audiances are international players : seed companies, plantation companies and consumer good companies.


The website is done in WordPress and responsive webdesign. Furthermore, interfaces have been designed for touch use (size buttons, touchfriendly components, etc ...).

In addition to the digital part, MBA Multimedia also accompanied Nature Source Genetics in the development of its visual identity optimizing its logo and realizing illustrations. This allows images to summarize the process and the scopes to capture the attention of web users.


  • Improvement of corporate identity guidelines
  • Generatioof qualified leads
  • Properly adjusted for any screen