Website creation for TNB
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Date : 2005
Catalogue Website



The project had two main objectives: to both preserve and communicate TNB’s photographic work so that audiences, historians, students, and professionals alike could explore the history of the TNB’s work.

Indeed, the TNB had a vast photo archive, spanning a period from 1949 to the present day, stored at the Théâtre de la Parcheminerie. These pictures were neither dated nor captioned, and some were damaged.

Guy Parigot’s son, Laurent Parigot, was launched this project. His wish was to scan these pictures in order to forever preserve the expression of 60 years of creation in the TNB, and make this theatrical heritage available to as large an audience as possible.


We did an important work of digitizing, retouching, and classification of the photos.

Today, the photo library includes almost 5000 photos online. To our knowledge, no other theatre holds such a collection.
The photo library tab is one of the most viewed; ranked 3rd after the “Ciné TNB” and the current season’s shows.

Each year, around 200 photos are added to the photo library (season + “Mettre en scène” Festival).

The photo library enables the TNB, to quickly provide the original of a photo for editing or other purposes, thanks to the work carried out to file away the photos.


  • Almost 5000 online photos in the catalogue
  • Increase in traffic in TNB website